Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Free Scrapbooking Hints, Tips and Downloads: Lego Design

Free Scrapbooking Hints, Tips and Downloads: Lego Design

Lego Scrapbooking

For everyone who likes Lego and wants to use it on a Lego scrapbooking page, I have found this free download for a Digital Scrapbooking page that uses picture frames made from Lego.

Younger people may like to try Scrapbooking using photos of themselves playing with their Lego.
This could give them an interest to make a start creating their own book of Lego constructions they make listing what age they were and what they had made.
Parent may also like to make their own record of their childrens Lego creations.

The link to this site can be found here

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Temple Of The Crystal Skull

Discover the mystery of the Crystal Skull!

What is the secret of the Temple of the Crystal Skull? Indiana Jones™ and Mutt want to find out, but first they’ll have to get past Irina Spalko, and then survive the temple’s collapsing stairs, firing spears, hostile warriors, and many other tricks and traps.

* Includes Indiana Jones, Mutt Williams™, Irina Spalko™, Russian Guard, 2 Ughs Warriors™, armored skeleton and 3 Akator Skeleton™ minifigures!
* Temple features moving staircases, hidden rooms, flying objects and lots of cool details!
* Temple stands 10" (25cm) high!
* Base measures 15" x 10"!

This set has 10 minifigures and the akator skeletons are so cool. The twisting staircase works well, so does the giant moving thing at the top of the temple. The missiles behind the waterfall work extremely well and the spinning gold thing actually spins! It's fairly big, nice detail and comes with Mutt, Indy,Irina, Ugha warriors(2)3 akator skeletons,1 normal armed skeleton and a russian guard with a tankish like vehicular unit. The moving dragon heads also work well. Overall, a great set.